Collision avoidance system

Anti Collision Sistem

As Ekinciler company we sold and adjust more than 40 units Anti Collision Systems in some big projects in Turkey. We sell and rent new and second hand Anti Collision Systems which brand is AMCS from France. You can find details technical information in below.  

Anti-Collision System Working Principle and Benefits:

- Anti-Collision System prevents the collisions of the tower cranes by moving or fixed objects and other tower cranes in the direction of the system as well as the current positions. Anti-collision system provides full protection as long as the system is running.

- System Communication is provided by radio frequency, communication security is protected by using encrypted working principle. 

- If there is a fault in a crane’s system due to the electrical problems or crane works on the bypass mode, and if there is no signal reception from this crane, other cranes do not enter the area of faulty crane. The Faulty crane stops and informs the operator.    


UCC60 Central Sensor Unit 


Machine interface 


Slewing Encoder


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